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Summary Ammonia is colorless liquid. It is an important chemical raw material. It is used widely. In order to be easy to transport, we turn it into liquid ammonia. Liquid ammonia is used widely in industry. It is corrosive and volatile. So its chemical accident happen rate is quite high.
English name Liquid ammonia(anhydrous ammonia)
Molecular formula NH3   Air Relative density(air =1):0.59
Producing method Liquid ammonia product is produced by the compression of synthetic ammonia.
Product properties Liquid ammonia is colorless liquid. It has strong stimulation smell. Its density is 0.617g/cm3. Boiling point is -33.5℃. If the temperature is lower than -77.7℃, it may turn into colorless crystal with bad smell.
Molecular weight 17.04  Liquid ammonia Relative density(water=1):0.7067(25℃)
CAS No. 7664-41-7
Physical and chemical properties Self-ignition point: 651.11℃
Melting point (℃): -77.7
Explosion limit: 16%~25%
Boiling point(℃): -33.4 1%
Water solution PH value: 11.7
Specific heat kJ(kg·K): ammonia (liquid)4.609 ammonia (gas)2.179
Vapour pressure: 882kPa(200℃)
Usage Liquid ammonia is mainly used to produce nitric acid, urea and other chemical fertilizers. It can also be used as pharmaceutical, pesticide materials, missile propellant and refrigerant. Liquid ammonia is a good solvent. Liquid ammonia is very similar with water in the aspect of physical properties. Liquid ammonia can dissolve metals and generate a kind of blue solution. This kind of metal liquid ammonia solution can be electric conduction, and slowly decomposition and give out hydrogen. It has strong reduction property.
If the liquid ammonia is heated to 800~850℃, with the help of a catalyst, it can decomposite ammonia. The gas produced by this method is a good protection gas, it is widely used in industries.
Packing, S & T The allowable weight filling coefficient is 0.52kg/L. In the transportation process, it should avoid head and fire. It is forbiddened to impact and vibration. It should avoid sun. And only transported by railway and highway.
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